Saturday, September 4, 2010

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Letter

She's seen in seaweeds grip
tightly wrapped
barnacles hold onto her so tight
help us
pull her out of the seas slippery hands
we can clean her
we can stuff her
we can hold her
for all of her crimes

I found another feather in your hair
the writings that come of it...
under the suns fire and our man made desires to control all that you are

My spirit
Your son
their fathers all should be ashamed

Play it ugly and dumb as long as someone has someone
and there's someone to save
like the woman we found in the sea
she glowed with green pods and leafs and string
conch she stars her stars near the barnacles cling
we pulled her out of the oceans crashing fist
I heard they propped her up on an alter forever to bless
Yes I hear
so you hear
that's the truth I guess

We couldn't' count all the horses and soldiers that passed
with sown allegiance at the right of their chest

All the dead that he drew
from the ink of this feather
had come from her head
and tickled them once lovers

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Somebody Cares

It's ok, somebody cares

We can go home
take all our things
put them in the street
refuse to eat
oh baby put your flower away
after you clean her off
from all that pushing around
I could go home and masturbate
to all the women we hate

it's ok, it's ok, somebody cares

Clean your plate
worship the planet and all it's traits

it's ok, somebody cares

Take my shoes off, this is the room
where you and I did all those things to who
give me that power then strip it away
play that game or just abstain
I've loved each woman that's held my hand
kissed my mouth and made me her man
and all those filthy little bitches
that can keep me up all night doing hand stands
I'll give you a bouquet of roses
don't you dare turn off the lights
first we take the moon
then the night
I'll replace the current currency
with your fire and my wood
no insurance plan would cover us
no law could do us any good
here's another empty barrel to fill with wine
let me in so we can build that empire tonight
I'll be the lover while you find a vase for the flowers
touch all her little hands when ever we're away

oh it's ok, yes it's ok, somebody cares.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Up

Peeking in came the light
the summer kept that night going
all the happenings happened
did you know everyone
making my own way
just doing my thing
she walked threw that dream
I took my place in line
running deep in muscle
that lines our back
loosing track of time
the circle kept us at attention
babe we ought a find all our things
gotta make up their minds
ballons with long strings
and kids in bikinis swimming
The summer woke
while I slept in
all the things did there thing
heavy breathing
with morning sun
beating out it's light
we make our day
just like we make up time

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poem for Peoples Yoga photo show #5

Sing us a song again
I'd like to sing along
Sneak a peak
Sink with me baby
here where it started
Drink up out
Such tough love
todays kiss
To listen and sing along
We live for you
The grandest of all
History is speaking
Keep it down please.
Peaks and valleys
Her prehistoric history
Lost with time
I eye and flirting
To the very beginning
When you leave us
Our ending

Poem for Peoples Yoga photo show #4

Beautiful sisters
Sidescapes and mountains
Vibrantly vibrant
Who could not look
Sweet copy and repeat
Step all over and inside
What's what…
Flags and signs
Directly from me to you
Bad dreams eating badder dreams
Something is watching
This family tree
Off Volcanoes
Space station distortion
Then plan our escape
Ghostly after light
Lost in the lights
You look like…
She opened her shell
Drinking under Mary's gaze
Cute for all the reasons I'm ready to please!
Growing around trees
What a remarkable show
Feed us grapes now
In her shadow
The eye the drink
This day the crystal ball fell
Bodies on display
another body
Bodies body
Did the magician step in?
Do you see my California hills?

Poem for Peoples Yoga photo show #3

Have you seen the way the tracks keep breathing open closed you know
The sun touched the shadows, The light dripped all over the window
It was lightning, True magic, electric, hair raising and touching
Progressive and moody
You know, full of life
Dancing singing' drunken whatever just doin' your thing
Carried out of all them same ol things
Right back to the sea
eating sand and smelling beneath her skirt
Do you see it?
Hear it?
Here sleeps the babies that died the night we were born the day we began to speak
Oh don't be so serious, that's a cock and balls we made in the sand
Getting over it might be the part that is most important
I prefer to crash on the beach
Thinking up walls and breaking them down to crown us all please
Or should we keep it all locked up?
Looks like we might of lost our heads again
Searching for knowledge inside empty forgotten idols
Tiki Tiki Time machine
Smoke and mirrors if that's what you like, stars are part of everything
Touched the sun
Drop that bomb with your bikini on, take it off when the job's done
Warning, you are flying above clouds there will be a come down.
Yes I like dressing up and drinking alone in my room
Sure it can get lonely but there are no rules
This is where we live
Put a little muscle in it, they can take it
Here we kept you sufficiently distracted?
Hung up with stars in eyes
We can bring it to life, just because we can
Give them all a show
Someone made it happen, someone thought it
Took us all for a ride
not enough sense to make sense
Americano Bizness, you rotten apple
yes, yes..thank you for helping us to forget
keep thinking
keep playing your song
you are lucky enough to be one of the pretty ones
We keep writing all those songs about you
and you and you
Take her for a dance, take her home, take until there is cake enough for two
Who's coming who's here
The black and white print dreams
do wa diddy da doooo
I heard of a fellow that split the universe in half and shared a smile
To the man outside and the one on the other side inside the waters edge
masked so we can continue to keep this individuality
on this side.
on this side.